Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy

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  • Background Gradient Left Color: #8624e1
  • Background Gradient Right Color: #3607a6
  • Gradient Direction: 130deg
  • Start Position: 25%
  • Background Image: insert image
  • Use Parallax Effect: YES
  • Padding: 7vw top, 7vw bottom

Now design the title with the following design settings:

  • Text Font: Roboto
  • Text Text Size: 16px
  • Text Line Height: 1.8em
  • Text Alignment: center
  • Heading Font: Roboto
  • Heading Font Weight: Bold
  • Heading Text Size: 60px (desktop), 40px (tablet), 32px (phone)
  • Heading Line Height: 1.2em

Lorem Ipsum available

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Majority have suffered alteration

Jump over to the design tab and customize the image as follows:

  • Image Alignment: center
  • Margin: -9vw (desktop), 0vw (tablet)
  • Rounded Corners: 8px
  • Box Shadow: see screenshot
  • Box Shadow Vertical Position: 16px
  • Box Shadow Blur Strength: 96px
  • Box Shadow Spread Strength: -24px

Add Post Author and Author Bio to Blurb Module as Dynamic Content

Next, we are going to add a Post Author and Post Author Bio using a blog module. So, go ahead and add a blog module to the right column.

In the blurb settings, hover over the Title input box and click the dynamic content icon. Then add the Post Author dynamic content element for the Title content.

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